Sofia Shkidchenko Incredible Ukrainian Yodeller

The only time yodelling has been the centre of attention is in the classic movie The Sound Of Music. Now a talented and sweet Ukrainian girl is bringing it back to centre stage. Meet Sofia Shkidchenko. Sofia is from the city of Kyiv, which is currently at the centre of Russia’s invasion.

It makes it especially poignant to remember all the talent and beauty that still exists in the besieged city. Since she was a young child, Sofia has been singing and yodelling, and she is very passionate about her art. She has made an impressive number of live appearances starting earlier than 11 years old – including this performance below from 2018.

She has performed live over 200 times and appeared on tv and the radio. Recently, she even collaborated on a song called “Yodel Song” with Basement Jaxx and premiered it on Radio 2. If you’ve never heard her sing before, check out this fabulous video.

The clip is from Sofia’s time on Ukraine’s Got Talent Kids, where she wowed the judges. When she comes onto the stage, she is dressed like Heidi in a gingham dress with blonde pigtails. Neither the judges nor the audience expected what would happen when she started to sing. Her breath control, as well as her perfect pitch, is truly unique. She yodels in an unbroken stream that’s unbelievable. It’s no wonder that this video has been viewed 11.1 million times on YouTube.

It is unfortunate that many of the places she has performed in her homeland will no longer be available to her. Instead, she continues to upload songs online and post videos where she discusses her thoughts about the war. Many of the songs she has uploaded lately are inspirational. She is trying to keep up the spirits of the nation, both those trapped by the invasion and those fighting for the country’s freedom. It is quite a feat for a girl not even eighteen yet.

We can only hope the war ends soon and Sofia can return home. She is safe, but she knows so many others in her country are not. Until then, her fans will have to send their support online to Sofia and everyone in Ukraine. If you want to see more from this talented young lady, you an subscribe to her YouTube channel or follow her on Instagram.

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