Belly Slapping A Fabulous Drum Performance Using The Human Body

It’s said that an accomplished musician can make music using literally anything, a piece of hose, tin cans, or even a dustbin. YouTubers Amphibious Zoo have gone one step further by making an amazing video featuring the music of the human body.

When the video begins we see a man with a large belly, whimsically painted with Amphibious Zoo’s logo on his belly as if it was a bass drum. Standing next to him is a man dressed in conductors’ tails. He cracks his knuckles and gets ready to begin.

He starts his performance using both his hands to rhythmically slap his “instrument’s” belly and shoulder. It’s already fun but soon it gets even better. The pair are joined onstage by two others. The newcomers play his belly, shoulders, back and even cheeks to create a full drumming routine. Presumably, they aren’t doing it hard enough to hurt the man and there aren’t any hand marks left behind.

It’s a wonderfully zany production and the man who agreed to be an instrument does a wonderful job. He stands perfectly still, with a straight face and never distracts from the show that’s going on. He doesn’t even react when they’re slapping his cheeks other than to elongate his face to enhance the sound. It’s almost as if he were an inanimate drum rather than a living, breathing person.

The video was uploaded in April 2020 and must have been a great distraction for anyone who watched it. Covid was sweeping the world at that time and lockdowns were common. This video would have been a great, fun antidote to the stresses of the time. However, it’s still great to watch now and if you’ve never seen it you would definitely check it out.

Once you’ve had lots of fun watching this piece, check out another fabulous video from America’s Got Talent. It also features two men making sounds with their bodies but it’s a very different vibe! With the Amphibious Zoo video you’ll be impressed how great it sounds, with this one you’ll just laugh at how silly it is. Take the time to enjoy both.

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