Polyglot Bella Devyatkina Makes The World Laugh As She Shows Her Impressive Linguistic Talent

While some talents are practiced over the years to get right, some people are simply born with a natural gift that makes them stand out from the rest. On Little Big Shots, the world was astounded to see Bella Devyatkina, a four-year-old girl from Moscow who can speak a staggering seven languages. Most people only learn one, or even two languages in their lives, but Bella has an innate ability to process languages like it’s nothing!

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Not only is this young talent impressive in the language department, but she is also incredibly confident for someone her age. Sitting in front of a live audience of over 100 people, with cameras facing her for the world to see, she proudly and adorably shows off her language skills and her natural talent for making both the audience and host laugh uncontrollably. Watch below:

While getting to know Bella a little more, host Shane Jacobson seemed to underestimate just how smart this young girl is. After she demonstrated some of her language skills, Bella proceeded to start reading the autocue that Shane was reading off for the show and copied his every word and move!

Not only that, but when Shane asked if he looked like a prince, after calling Bella a princess, Bella replied with the childlike honesty you would expect from any four-year-old and said, “You look like a koala”. Naturally, this left an uproar of laughter in the theatre, and from then on, it was guaranteed to be a popular episode of Little Big Shots.

After all the jokes were cracked, it was time to showcase Bella’s linguistic talent. The show had created a ‘supermarket,’ consisting of stalls that operated in different languages. From asking for sausages at the German stall to falafel at the Arabic stall, Bella flew through these tests while also walking off right afterward without paying! All in all, this was a hilarious performance that left the audience with huge smiles on their faces.

Bella Devyatkina is a Global Child Prodigy Award winner (2020), and as of 2020, can now speak eight foreign languages. She is known as a polyglot, which is the official term for someone who knows and can use several languages. She has a YouTube channel, which occasionally uploads videos of her showcasing her linguistic abilities where she speaks in Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Greek.

If you’re intrigued by Bella Devyatkina and want to keep up to date with her linguistic talents and adorable confidence, feel free to check out her Instagram page! Follow her at yulia9kina for more updates.

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