Adele Makes Magic With BRIT Awards Performance Of “I Drink Wine”

The BRIT Awards is a time for some of the biggest names in music to come together and celebrate another incredible year of popular music, complete with some truly magical performances that create unforgettable moments. At the 2022 edition of the BRIT Awards Ceremony, British superstar Adele did exactly that with a live performance of her soft and emotional ballad “I Drink Wine”, which comes from her 2021 album, 30.

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Pairing this emotional song with a dazzling yet intimate stage show, Adele showed the world exactly why she’s one of the world’s biggest musical artists. Her story is one of success after success and is inspirational to all; those who pursue a music career, and those simply seeking a little boost on a rainy day. Watch her flawless performance in the video below, and try not to shed a tear or two:

There are many reasons why Adele has become such a superstar over the years. Firstly, her voice is just as impressive live on stage as it is on record, if not more so. Fans also comment regularly on the healing power of both her voice itself and the lyrics that she chooses to use for her songs. Paired together, they create a powerful message of healing in some songs, and also a feeling of togetherness during hardship with other songs.

Adele’s performance at the 2022 BRIT Awards is hardly the first time that the British vocal icon has left audiences gobsmacked. From the moment her career began to pick up in 2008 with the release of “Chasing Pavements”, all the way to today, she has filled increasingly larger venues with adoring fans who are taken aback by this incredible woman’s musicianship and general personality. Now, she is one of the world’s best-selling artists.

“I Drink Wine” is a powerful song from Adele that shows the impact that music can have on people. Apparently inspired by a conversation with James Corden about significant life changes, the song has some striking lyrics that could resonate well with many fans. One line in particular, “so I hope to learn to get over myself, stop tryin’ to be someone else,” is a reminder to all of us that we should be true to ourselves and look after our hearts.

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