Barry Gibb & Olivia Newton-John’s Mesmerising Chemistry In ‘Islands In The Stream’

When Barry Gibb took to the stage at the Sound Relief Concert in 2009, he sent a thrill down audience members’ spines when he announced, “I’d like to bring to the stage now, to introduce to you all, the greatest female singer in the world.” Only after describing her as a “true artist” did Barry invite Olivia Newton-John to join him on stage. Fans cheered and applauded as she walked over to stand next to him, grinning and waving out to the crowd.

The cheers continued through the song’s introduction, the audience only settling down to enjoy the music as Barry started to sing the first lines of the classic duet ‘Islands In The Stream’ by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. Cheers picked up again as Olivia started to sing, her voice blending with Barry’s in perfect harmony. The close friends made eye contact and sang to each other, giving the duet a special, intimate feeling, especially as they held hands to dance towards the end of the song.

The audience cheered with appreciation when the song was over. Online fans showed their love for the duet too, giving the video of the performance 5 million views, flooding it with comments reading “This is priceless” and “Two legends!” For those who wanted to see more of Olivia and Barry together, this wasn’t the end of their performance. They went on to sing a number of their own hit songs, including ‘Jive Talkin’ by the Bee Gees and ‘I Honestly Love You’ by Olivia Newton-John.

It was an especially moving moment when the two teamed up to cover the Bee Gees song ‘How Can You Mend A Broken Heart’. Barry told the audience that they both wanted to dedicate the song to the bushfire victims in Victoria and the flood victims in Queensland, both of whom were aided by the funds raised by the concert. They then performed an emotional version of the song, moving viewers to leave comments on the video, such as, “This song just has so much emotion, made me cry.”

Alongside being two iconic singers of the 1970s, Olivia Newton-John and Barry Gibb have plenty more in common with each other, too. Both singers were born in the UK and raised in Australia before eventually moving to the US. With their lives taking a similar path and so much to relate to each other over, the singers formed a unique bond. In an especially moving moment after Olivia Newton-John passed away in 2022, Barry Gibb described her as his “sister”. The strength of their relationship is clear from their performances at the Sound Relief Concert, ensuring their combined musical talent and beautiful connection will never be forgotten by all who watch them together.

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