Newborn Baby Melts Hearts Singing With Mother During Church Service

Music: The Language Without Barriers

Music can be a tool to communicate with those who cannot speak the same language including babies. This very young baby boy became an internet sensation after he joined in with his mother’s gospel-style singing at church.

The little one doesn’t hold back as his mother sings a delicate hymn. His additions to the song are funny and well-timed making the other churchgoers laugh, but most importantly – he is in pitch! Another member caught the sweet moment on video and uploaded it to YouTube. It has since had over 4 million views!

Watch this loving father sing to his baby girl

In 2019 a musician called Ben Moseley posted a video to his social media that went viral, the video features Moseley playing his guitar and singing Tom Petty’s “All Right For Now” whilst his tiny baby girl rests on top of his guitar.

4 Month Old Melts Hearts Trying To Sing Along To Karen Carpenter Song

In the video below a young baby called “Alder” can be seen listening to a Karen Carpenter song called “I Know I Need To Be In Love”. Throughout the song sung by a woman named Annie, he starts trying to join in even though he is yet to say his first words.

The heart-melting video caught the attention of millions of people on YouTube within a few weeks of being uploaded. The video now sits at over 9.4 million views.

So if you ever find yourself in a situation where you can’t communicate with your baby, a pet or even another human being you can always try the common language of music. Spread the love <3.

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