Avery Drummer Molek Drumming Prodigy From Pittsburgh

Avery Drummer Molek is a musician from Pennsylvania, USA. He started out uploading videos to his YouTube channel in 2009. He quickly became well known as a drumming prodigy as he uploaded videos of himself playing the drums along to drumless tracks.

Since starting his channel, the youngster has racked up over 191 million views across all his videos. That is a serious amount of viewers, but it’s not surprising really when you see the quality of his playing at just 6 years old. In the video below, with his top off like a real rock star, Avery covers “Welcome To The Jungle”!

Avery lives in a small down just outside of Pittsburgh, USA. Born September 11th, 2006, Avery took on the drums at just two years old. What makes this even more impressive is his family aren’t super musical, his father plays a little guitar, but no other practical musical background then that. However, the family are big time Rock ‘n’ Roll fans!

Being exposed to such great music throughout his childhood has clearly rubbed off on Avery. You can see then enjoyment in his face whilst he is playing these classic rock hits. In the video below, Avery plays along to a drumless track of Straits’ “Money For Nothing” at just 7 years old.

When Avery was two years old, Santa brought him a toy guitar and a toy set of drums which seemed to inspired his inner musical talents to come out. From then on he flourished in to a little rock star asking his mother to paint his face to look like the band members of KISS.

By 4 years old his parents had set him up with a real drum kit and a music teacher to help aid Avery’s musical progress. The 30 minute lessons really helped the youngster get a grip of the drums, learning skills and techniques that he could apply to his self learning at home. At 3 years old he performed at his day-care talent show and shocked the audience. This was when his parents realised their son was performing at a much higher level musically then other kids in his age group.

After a video of Avery playing “Hot For Teacher” by Van Halen went viral, his parents were inundated with emails and requests for interviews. His music career had now seriously taken off. Since then he has played on many big stages and continues to make viral videos on his YouTube channel.

If you want to see more from this drumming prodigy you can subscribe to his YouTube channel or you can follow him on Facebook. You can also visit his official website for more information about the young drummer.

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