Shy Schoolgirls Angelicus Celtis Share Heavenly Voices On Uplifting Britain’s Got Talent Audition

The schoolgirl choir Angelicus Celtis was quite shy when they hit the big stage at Britain’s Got Talent, but they soon wowed everyone with a heaven-sent performance of Giacomo Puccini’s “Nessun dorma”. Beforehand, one of the girls admitted they were “really nervous”, but they needn’t have worried, as these girls were about to knock their audition out of the park!

The choir members were aged 12 to 17 and hailed from the south of Wales. Choir member Holly told Alesha Dixon that the group had been singing together “just a bit less than a year”. The lead vocalist opened the performance with a moving first verse, and the beauty of her voice had the audience dropping their jaws to the floor. Things were already off to a great start, but when the girls started singing together, it sounded like the gates of heaven had opened up.

The performance is especially impressive given that it was performed in perfect Italian, quite the feat for a group of Welsh schoolgirls. Listeners at home loved it, watching the performance 24 million times, which made it the third most popular choir performance in the history of Britain’s Got Talent.

The room gave Angelicus Celtis a well-deserved standing ovation after the audition. Simon Cowell then gave the girls high praise, saying, “I’ve heard this song a lot. This was, in my opinion, the most beautiful, incredible version of this song. You really touched me. I thought it was sensational. I’m very excited for your future.” Angelicus Celtis performed several popular videos on YouTube, one of them being their Britain’s Got Talent semi-final performance of the hymn “Jerusalem”.

Amanda Holden was complimentary as well, saying, “You are the most lovely bunch of girls. It was so beautiful. The harmonizing was gorgeous. I thought it was a stunning performance – You did Wales proud.”
David Walliams agreed with his fellow judges, saying, “It’s mind-blowing to think that you’re schoolgirls from Wales, not all professional singers, because it just sounded so perfect and beautiful.” The judges subsequently took a vote, and then in Cowell’s words, gave the girls “four big fat yeses.”
Angelicus Celtis progressed to the semi-finals, where they performed “Jerusalem”. The hymn impressed Holden, although the girls failed to advance any further, with Cowell opining that their second performance didn’t match the quality of the first.

For more breathtaking performances from the talented schoolgirl choir Angelicus Celtis, be sure to follow their journey by liking their Facebook page. Their rendition of Giacomo Puccini’s “Nessun dorma” on Britain’s Got Talent gained them widespread recognition and brought the beauty of their harmonious vocals to millions.

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