Adele Defends Fan Hassled By Security At Her Show And Lets Him Stand Up And Sing

Adele showed everyone why she has such a die-hard fanbase when she stopped her show to stick up for a fan who was being hassled by security. During her show at Las Vegas’ Caesars Palace, fan Juan Pablo Lastra was so excited that he was standing up and singing in the auditorium. Security repeatedly went over to him to tell him to sit down and stop getting so excited.

Adele, tired of this overbearing approach from the security, stopped mid-song while performing “I Drink Wine”. From the stage, she asked, “What is going on there with that young fan who’s been bothered so much since I came on for standing up? What’s going on with him? Why are you all bothering him?” She then told the security to leave him alone and added, “They won’t bother you anymore, darling. You enjoy the show.”

Juan was recording the show on a 360-degree camera, and his footage of the moment went viral, as well as being reported internationally. His footage, which he posted to his TikTok account, has since been viewed more than a million times across various uploads. The security guard who was remonstrating with Juan quickly scuttled off after Adele gave him a dressing down.

The nearby senior security staff member then waved off the other security personnel nearby and told Juan that he was “fine” and didn’t have to sit down. The crowd was on team Juan, and gave up a cheer after Adele spoke up. The incident happened during her Weekends With Adele residency at Caesars Palace. It seems Adele is really clued in to her fans during her performances, as you can see in her video below where she cried after a sweet interaction with a fan live streaming the show to his wife.

Juan later commented on the incident in his caption of the footage on his TikTok account, juanp_lastra. He thanked Adele for standing up for him and said, “I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that I was in the same room as Adele, sang every song with her, and she even stopped the show to defend me.”
He gave some more background on the lead up to the confrontation with security, saying, “I did not expect everyone in my section to be mad at me for having the time of my life and wanting to stand up and sing with her, but I honestly did not care at all about what anyone was saying to me. I was just in awe with the masterpiece I was watching with my own eyes. I did not have time for the haters.”

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