Andrea Bocelli Performs Stunning Rendition Of Can’t Help Falling In Love

Prepare to be blown away by Andrea Bocelli’s romantic and flawless performance of Can’t Help Falling In Love. Andrea Bocelli is one of the most gifted and best-loved tenors in the world today. The clarity, control and passion he displays when singing is genuinely miraculous.

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A fact many people don’t know is that before he became a superstar, he performed in piano bars in Italy. He has said in the past that he received a request to play one of Elvis Presley’s songs almost every night while working. The video begins as Andrea is beginning a live show in Las Vegas.

He is singing at an outdoor venue, and it looks to be a beautiful evening. The announcer asks if Andrea has prepared anything special as Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. He smiles and says that he has. After a short whispered conversation with the pianist, Andrea begins to sing, and mouths drop.

There is no disputing that Elvis had a beautiful, rich voice and great charisma, which he injected into his songs. However, Andrea truly is on another level. The silky-smooth yet rich timbre of his voice almost makes you feel you’re hearing the song for the first time. It shows that no matter how well you know a piece of music, a gifted artist can still put their own stamp on it and surprise you.

The crowd is clearly delighted with his choice. The camera cuts to couples holding hands and smiling at each other as the romantic ballad fills the air. Many people are singing along, and you can feel the love they have for the song, for Elvis and Andrea Bocelli himself. One of the greatest strengths of live music is that it can touch our hearts in a way few other things can. Anyone who watches the video will feel a swell of regret that they were not there to see it performed live.

Lucky for us, we have YouTube, and 94 million people have already watched this beautiful performance. If you’re not one of them, watch it now, and if you are one of them, watch it again! see more from Andrea Bocelli..

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