Tracy Chapman And Eric Clapton Duet “Give Me One Reason”

Tracy Chapman is an American singer and songwriter who proved to be a musical prodigy from an early age. She started playing the guitar and writing songs when she was only eight years old. Her eponymous debut album immediately made her a globally acclaimed artist. It reached the top of the charts and sold more than six million copies.

Eric Clapton is an English guitarist, songwriter, and singer, considered one of the most influential musicians of all time. In 1999, the two artists shared the stage to perform Chapman’s famous song Give Me One Reason. Both of them on guitar, they played one alongside the other giving an outstanding performance. Fun fact: they both share the same birthday, 30th March.

The track is part of Tracy Chapman’s fourth studio album, New Beginning, released in 1995. It is undoubtedly one of her most famous hits and earned her an Emmy Award for Best Rock Song in 1997. The version of the song with Eric Clapton was included following their performance on a compilation released the same year under the title A Very Special Christmas Live.

The video of the duet has about 21 million views, and this is attributable to the great brilliance of both artists and their harmony in playing together on stage. This is enhanced by a band accompanying them in the execution of the piece.

Judging by the reaction of the audience, it seems clear that they were thoroughly enjoying the show. In fact, at the end everybody burst into a clamorous applause with a big smile on their faces. The concert was held in a small venue and this definitely contributed to the unique and magical atmosphere.

Eric Clapton and Tracy Chapman are visibly enjoying themselves, as they smile and are purely absorbed in the music. The British musician gives Chapman a kiss on the cheek at the end of the performance, and it is noticeable that there is mutual esteem. When two music legends come together, they always deliver the sort of experience you only witness once in a lifetime, and this is probably the case. We sadly were not there to see it, but we are fortunate that this video is a testament for us to treasure.

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