Andrea Bocelli’s “When I Fall In Love” Duet Is Absolutely Heavenly

Andrea Bocelli And Helene Fischer Duet

The tenor singer Andrea Bocelli is known as a living legend amongst music fans across the globe. His wonderful voice has captured the hearts of millions over the years, especially with high-profile and family duets. His voice seems to compliment whoever is performing with him.

Prior to this performance, Helene Fischer and Andrea Bocelli had never sung together in public, despite being close friends, making this performance that much more special. Watch their magical live cover of “When I Fall In Love” in the video below.

Scroll down to watch Andrea perform with his 8-year-old daughter

Andrea’s Beautiful Duets

Known for his brilliant vocal range and power, Andrea has also created some of the best live and studio-recorded duets with friends and family members. The beloved tenor has sung with his wife, daughter, son and Pavarotti, just to name a few.

These duets show that the talent runs through his family and the music is a passion they all can share together. One of our favourites is Andrea performing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” with his daughter who was only 8 years old when this video was recorded.

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