Reina Del Cid And Toni Lindgren Talented Folk Musicians From The USA

Reina Del Cid or Rachelle Cordova is an American Singer-Songwriter hailing from Fargo, North Dakota. She is most well known for her covers of popular songs as well as an original artist in her own right.

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About Renia Del Cid

Del Cid plays both solo and with her band which comprises Toni Lindgren, Andrew Foreman and Nate Babbs, with Zach Schmidt playing drums from 2014-2018. The group is well known throughout the US for their amazing folk rock covers and have gone on to become quite the popular act, both in the physical realm as well as on the vast entity that is YouTube.

The band, starting off in Minneapolis have now moved to sunny Los Angeles, where they perform and record their YouTube videos for a weekly Sunday upload. Del Cid’s interesting name choice comes from an amalgamation of two phrases, Reina, meaning “Queen” and Del Cid which is in reference to her guitar, which is called “El Cid” forming the catchy name Reina Del Cid or “Queen of Cid.”


Del Cid’s musical career seems to be on an upward bound with her fourth studio album being released in 2019 and her now almost 250,000 subscriber base growing by the day. Up to now, her and her band have successfully managed to find that golden line between playing together and making it big as solo artists in the YouTube space, with all of the member proving popular with their fan bases both on YouTube and on social media.

In one of their videos from 2016, Del Cid can be seen walking along a train line with her friend, vocalist and guitarist Toni Lindgren before sitting down on the tracks to perform a stunning rendition of the Hank Williams epic “Jambalaya.” The video shows Del Cid’s delicate vocals picking their way through the feel-good bayou-based pieced. The video is age-restricted and can only be played on YouTube.

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Renia & Toni Lindgren

The video has grossed a mind-bending five million views and counting, which is a true representation of the group’s following. The song and accompanying video is a warm, fun and inspiring view into the world of the aspiring artist and the fun that she and her band have whilst recording and performing their music.

In another video by the group, Del Cid can be seen playing again with Lindgren again, performing a beautifully soft, and melodic cover of “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. The video again is a fantastic watch and well worth the viewing time if you have a few minutes spare to enjoy it.

If you would like to see more from this extremely talented musician, subscribe to her YouTube channel or follow her Facebook page.

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