Allie Sherlock Unique Vocalist And Street Performer From Ireland

Allie Sherlock Welcomes Awesome Vocalist To Perform

Allie Sherlock opened a YouTube channel in December 2014 to showcase her music. Her unique vocal tone and singing technique have been gaining attention from fans and people in the music industry.

During one of Allie’s many street performances, a member of the crowd asked if he could perform the Italian parts to the Ed Sheeran Andrea Bocelli version of Perfect. Allie gracefully invites the man to sing with her and after he finishes says, “Wow that was amazing, I was not expecting that!” Watch the awesome impromptu street performance below.

Allie opened her YouTube channel in December 2014. To date 27/10/2020, the Irish singer has amassed over 450 Million views across all her videos. She began by uploading videos of herself busking on Dublin’s Grafton Street where she quickly attracted large audiences with her unique vocals and impressive musical ability at such a young age. She first started gaining attention after she uploaded a public performance of Ed Sheeran’s “Supermarket Flowers” back in 2017.

The video went viral as Allie stunned people with her impressive vocals with upward inflections at the end of certain notes. This upward inflection is is a jump in Allie’s vocal cords, taking her up a whole octave. This is quite unique and adds another level of depth to Allie’s performances along with her powerful delivery.

Since her performance of “Supermarket Flowers”, Allie has had multiple other viral videos, growing her audience on a global scale. Her most viewed video on YouTube to date is this unique cover of “Shallow” from the 2018 hit movie “A Star Is Born”.

In 2018, Allie was invited to appear on The Ellen Show, a show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres in America. Allie was 12 years old at the time when she performed an acoustic version of Adele’s “Million Years Ago” to the live studio audience.

Allie’s career really took off after she was invited to Los Angeles to record with Ryan Tedder, One Republic’s lead vocalist, who had seen a video of her performing on Instagram. When Allie arrived in America to work with the singer and record producer she was surprised to find Charlie Puth also at the meeting. Allie later signed a five-year record contract with Patriot Records, which is owned by Ryan.

Originally from Douglas in Cork, Ireland, Allie left school in 2016 and is now homeschooled. Her father, Mark Sherlock, is the videographer behind her famous busking videos.

If you want to see more from this talented young singer subscribe to her YouTube channel or follow her on Facebook.

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