Phenomenal Aerial Rollerskating Couple WIN Golden Buzzer On Britain’s Got Talent

Surprisingly, aerial rollerskating is nothing new on Britain’s Got Talent. But when Ukrainian couple Duo Stardust took to the Season 17 audition stage, the judges were left hanging off the edge of their seats!

Nervous laughter murmured from the audience as Vlada and Yevhenii stepped up to their circular podium. In snow-white skates, they began their routine — a dizzying acrobatic act which saw Yevhenii Yemelianenko (aged 27) spin in circles, lifting Vlada Kamyshnikova (25) from her wrist and ankle like a human aeroplane, turbulent yet supernaturally elegant.

Next, a one-handed lift made the audience scream, as Vlada turned upside down mid-air and spun like an inverted music box ballerina. Each daredevil move seemed an impossible feat of physics, but the couple’s performance was impeccably effortless, hypnotizing and bordering on the anti-human.

For their last trick, Yevhenii tied a harness around his neck, with Vlada fitting her face half-in the other loop. Simon Cowell watched on, absolutely spellbound as firework sparklers fizzled in a golden flash from Vlada’s skates. While Yevhenii was lifted into the air by his arms, Vlada spun impossibly at supersonic speeds around his body, causing judge Bruno Tonioli to stand in amazement with his hands clasped behind his head.

The act went down a storm; with four infatuated judges, Vlada and Yevhenii received A-star critiques. Alesha Dixon called their routine “sensational” while Bruno commented, “It was so spectacular, so thrilling. Perfection.” But the audience still wasn’t satisfied, chanting to Simon to press the Golden Buzzer for this explosive act. Despite the judges already using up their Golden Buzzers this season, Simon struck gold anyway and sent the confetti glittering down on the performing couple in a moment that’s gained a quarter of a million YouTube views to date!

This wasn’t the first time Duo Stardust had shocked the world of TV talent. Only one year prior to their BGT performance, the duo wowed Lithuania’s Got Talent with a similarly shocking audition and, in 2021, took to their native Ukraine’s Got Talent where they glided all the way through to the finals.

But despite their European tour of talent shows, Duo Stardust’s act all boils down to Britain’s Got Talent, specifically the trail of inspiration left by season 9’s aerial rollerskating semi-finalists Billy and Emily England, who prompted Vlada and Yevhenii to take to the skates.

Their TV talent tour comes backed by a vibrant political message. As Yevhenii told The Mirror, “[BGT] is a good platform for us to help our country, to remind people about Ukraine. The thing our country needs is to always be remembered. For people to remember that we still need help, that we’re still in this horrific situation […] It’s horrible. Really horrible. We have a lot of friends, also artists actually, that have died. It’s really tough. But it’s important to speak about it.”

If you’d like to see more breathtaking performances from Duo Stardust, you can follow their incredible aerial roller-skating journey on their YouTube Channel and Instagram.

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