Ace Clvrk Sings ETHEREAL Billie Eilish Cover On Britain’s Got Talent

Ace Clvrk’s audition on Britain’s Got Talent 2024 affirmed him as one of the most interesting singers of the show’s entire 17th season. Taking to the stage with a cover of Harry Styles’ “As It Was,” Simon Cowell played his classic X Factor move — raising his hand and cutting Ace’s rendition short, unimpressed and asking for a second song choice. But the track which followed blew them away.

Simon’s choice was totally called for; the Styles track was down-tuned far too low that even Ace’s lush tenor voice struggled to stay in key. The audience held their breath during the song’s halt, and cheered for Ace’s second attempt at a whole new track.

His second choice was “Lovely” by Billie Eilish and Khalid. Ace sang the ballad like a church hymn, ethereally breathy and laced with vibrato like a musical theatre pro. His ultra-unique vocal range dazzled through heavenly and heartbroken falsettos to bold, soulful melodies pumped with godlike power.

The judges were taken aback by Ace’s moment of glory; Bruno Tonioli called it “mindblowing”, telling Ace, “There’s no one else like you”, while Amanda Holden commented, “The gymnastics around your voice were amazing.” Alesha Dixon followed suit with praise for the remarkable singer, commenting, “I think your voice is really special, actually. Very quirky, very different. I love people that don’t follow everyone else and so you were being authentic to yourself which speaks to me majorly.”

But Simon’s final critique came illuminated with harsh reality, telling Ace, “Not everyone’s expected to like the same things. There were times I thought ‘This is really good’ and other times where I thought ‘Actually, this is getting a bit boring,’ actually. But if we all bought the same record, life would be a bit weird, wouldn’t it.” After teetering on the edge, Simon praised Ace’s individuality and sent him through with four out of four yes votes.

Simon had noticed, “You come over as a very sincere person that really wants this break,” and, proving his words true, Ace sped down to the judges panel after the verdict to shake Simon’s hand in thanks.

Raised in a musical family and splitting his time between Reading and Manchester, Ace (aged 29) kickstarted his music career with his debut single, “So Far Gone,” in the spring of 2023. This came after a professional songwriting career working with major record labels including Warner Chappell Music Group. His music has been described as “a unique mix of soul, R&B and alternative,” which seeps perfectly into his Billie Eilish cover on BGT, which has gained over 157k YouTube views in its first three days online! If you were captivated by Ace Clvrk’s chops in Britain’s Got Talent, you can find more of his performances and music on his YouTube Channel or follow his journey on his Instagram.

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