British Superstar Adele And A Collective Of Comedians Perform Skit Of The Bachelorette For Saturday Night Live

What happens when you put a world-renowned British superstar, and some of the funniest members of the American entertainment circle onto one show? A mildly confusing, but hilarious, comedy skit that leaves more questions than answers. Despite its randomness, it left many Americans, and people from all around the world, in fits of laughter.

This is exactly what happened on one of the Saturday Night Live episodes in 2020, where an uncanny collective of artists gathered to perform a skit based on the romantic reality TV series, The Bachelor. Amongst the stars were British pop sensation Adele, the comedienne Heidi Gardner, Chloe Fineman, and Lauren Holt. All four ladies were ‘competing’ for the love of Beck Bennett, and you can see the comedy for yourself in the video below:

In the skit, “Ben K” (Beck Bennett) declares his desire to pursue love, and it’s up to the four women to show off their talents and personalities to earn his heart. It’s a direct parody of the Bachelor TV show and also centers around parodying Adele herself. Adele plays herself in the skit, but humorously jests about herself, with her ongoing ‘bit’ in the sketch being that she bursts into song at any opportunity.

Adele is a powerhouse of the music industry and has been a bastion of British pop culture since her triumphant burst onto the scene in 2008. Despite leaving the BRIT school just two years prior, Adele released her debut, 19, in 2008 and subsequently one of her biggest hits, “Chasing Pavements”. This song showcased her natural vocal talent and complex song structures which would define her musicianship throughout her career. Listen to her exhilarating debut in the video below:

Saturday Night Live has been a staple of easygoing American entertainment for decades. However, this wasn’t always the case. The first season of SNL, which aired in 1975, was not a success and relied on its “Not Ready For Prime Time Players” segment to bring the viewers in. Eventually, however, sketch comedy began to kick off in the US, and from that point on SNL experienced a burst in viewership and a steady increase in audience loyalty.

SNL has changed a lot over the years and has always kept up with the most current news and developments in the entertainment industry. Each episode is hosted by a different celebrity, with some recurring more than others, and usually at a point where they have a new piece of media out to the public. This helps keep the show fresh and as relevant as possible, while also being as entertaining as can be.

On Adele’s Bachelorette episode of SNL, there was no stopping the jokes about her tendency to burst into song whenever possible. While another contestant and “Ben K” were having an intimate moment on the show, after the contestant told Adele to go away, Ben K then remarked that Adele had never left and was hiding in a bush watching them. The sketch then turns into Adele performing a parody of her iconic track “Hello”, replacing her lyrics with “Hello from inside this bush”.

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