American Idol’s Abi Carter Brings Viewers To Tears With Her Haunting Version Of This Classic 2000s Track

California native and American Idol contestant, Abi Carter, has left viewers in no doubt about the extent of her singing talent from the beginning of the competition. The 21-year-old has already received two Platinum tickets from the judges and has over 100k followers on her social media platforms. The performance she gave to secure a place in the competition’s top 10, however, had to be one of her best yet. Viewers expressed their love for the new meaning her performance added to the original track.

The track the singer chose to perform was ‘The Black Parade’ by the pop-punk band My Chemical Romance, originally released in 2006. But far from being pop-punk, Carter’s version was positively angelic, her vocals starting off soft and delicate before hitting some powerful high notes that sent the live audience into a frenzy of appreciation. Seated at her piano, Carter remained a picture of beauty and grace throughout, smiling gratefully at the judges when she had finished playing.

Her performance of this staple of alternative 2000s rock has elicited an overwhelmingly positive response from American Idol fans, with many claiming it was so emotional it made them cry. Others praised Carter’s beautiful voice and the clarity of her singing, while some opted to comment on the haunting nature of her delivery. The fact that the video of her performance has already reached nearly 200k views in just five days should be another hint as to how much viewers appreciate Carter’s talent.

Another brilliant moment from Carter’s time so far on American Idol was her collaborative performance of ‘California Dreamin” with fellow platinum ticket holders Julia Gagnon and Odell Bunton Junior. Although this song – originally by the Mamas and the Papas – is extremely well known and appreciated in its original form, the trio succeeded in giving it new life, with Carter’s beautiful piano playing and angelic vocals kicking off the performance with style and elegance.

In short, it’s been clear throughout this season of American Idol that Carter is one of the most talented performers to feature on the show. This is evident in her solo performances of tracks like ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ and her collaborations with her competitors. However, only time will tell if she has what it takes to beat the competition and finish in first place.

Check out more of Abi Carter’s breathtaking vocals on her Facebook and Instagram accounts. Her stunning performances and angelic voice continue to captivate American Idol viewers.

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