17 Year Old Opera Singer Stuns Train Station Singing “Silent Night”

17 Year Old With A Voice That Could Rival The Most Experienced Tenors


During one of Brendan Kavanagh’s YouTube videos, the power and wonderful unpredictability of public music performance strikes again! This time we see him playing the piano in a railway station carrying the Christmas theme as he plays “Silent Night”.

He’s not alone, though; a young man in a suit is leaning casually against the piano. As Dr K reaches the singing part of the carol, the young man begins to sing. His voice is rich and operatic and is a joy to listen to. What is even more incredible is that it seems so effortless, as if singing this way is no more difficult than having a chat.

Who Is This Young Man?


His performance is even more impressive because this young man is only 17 years old! His voice could rival experienced tenors twice his age. Naturally, everyone in the comments wanted to know who he was. Luckily, a friend of his commented and identified him as Camden, someone she knew from school.

She explained: “His voice was very angelic when he was in year 7 to year 9, he used to sing in assembly, and always amazed us with his voice, he is grown, and he still sounds amazing I’m proud of him.” Let’s hope Camden’s friends and family encourage him to make more videos; we all need to hear more of this young man’s divine voice.

Let’s hope Camden’s friends and family encourage him to make more videos; we all need to hear more of this young man’s divine voice.

Brendan K and Terry Miles Perform Upbeat Boogie-Woogie Silent Night


In recent years Terry Miles and Brendan Kavanagh (known as Dr K) have become YouTube stars due to their fabulous piano performances. However, shoppers in a London shopping mall didn’t expect to see them playing for them live one day.

Terry sits down at the piano, very festively dressed in a red suit as the video begins. He starts to play the classic Christmas carol, Silent Night. A few shoppers look around but not that many. After all, carols in a mall at Christmas are hardly a surprise. Initially, the performance is pretty normal, with just a few extra flourishes in the trilling notes. As the first verse and chorus come to an end, though, Terry kicks things up a notch.

He launches into a fun boogie-woogie version, and a few bars later, it becomes a duet. Brendan walks up to the piano and joins in, adding a whole new dimension to the music. He alternates between playing and clapping along to the music and brings such energy to the performance. A little way in, the pair swap roles, and the fun continues. By this point, there are lots of shoppers watching the performance and having a great time. They applaud warmly at the end of this fun and upbeat rendition.

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