Laughing Qaudruplets

4 Babies Laughing With Their Dad And Mom

You can see the original laughing quadruplets in the video below.

This video has racked up 6.9M views since it was uploaded in May 21, 2010. Want to see where they are today? Take a look at the video below where to four babies are now much older!

A super funny and heart melting video of a father making his four babies laugh at the dinner table has been making it’s way round social media. The video shows quadruplets sitting around a custom built table laughing hysterically!

The table has four holes cut out with a chair fitted in to it which absolutely makes this video even more unique. As their father pulls silly faces and makes funny noises, the four siblings can’t help but smile and giggle along. Watch the heart warming moment in the video below.

The video is 1:05 of pure gold! The table, which looks like it could be a modified office desk, gives the feeling the babies are in a meeting with a very silly man.

Steve Mathias uploaded the video to YouTube in August 2010, it has since re-emerged online a few times, he uploaded the video with the caption, “This video was recorded by my wife the day after I taped the “laughing qaudruplets” video that was on America’s Funniest Home Videos.

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