1-Year-Old Steals The Show From Professional Street Dancers In London

This is an adorable video of a toddler (1 and a half years old) joining in with professional street dancers and stealing the show. The crowd watching some of London’s best professional performers were completely in awe of this little one as he imitated the moves of the pros.

The video was captured in London in 2018 during a professional display of street dancing from some of London’s best buskers. The dancers were really impressed with his passion and accommodated him really well, which was also wonderful to see.

Buskers exist in most cities around the world and aren’t always appreciated by the public. This could be to do with how busy our professional lives have become etc. However, it seems, when a child gets in the zone, the appreciation starts to flow. In the video below watch a little boy completely transfixed by busker Borja Catanesi as he showcases his awesome riffs.

Borja is one of the best at getting the public involved with his performances, always managing to inspire passers-by to get involved with his music. Dancing, singing, or bobbing, he gets them going every time.

Here is another member of the public loving the Spanish musician’s street performance. However, this time we have a fully grown man who was in need of “a good dance” and he just couldn’t hold it anymore – and to be honest he has some brilliant moves!

These videos are exactly why we love buskers here at The Music Man, they bring so much more than a live performance to the streets. They bring happiness and moments people will never forget.

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