8-Year-Old Ukrainian Refugee Zlata Khomenko Has Judges In Tears With Beautiful Dance

8-year-old Ukrainian refugee Zlata Khomenko got the golden buzzer on Spain’s Got Talent with her beautiful traditional dance. The appearance on the big stage was clearly an emotional moment for the schoolgirl, who was holding back tears as she said the dance was for “all the children in Ukraine and Ukrainians.” When she was done there was not a dry eye left in the house either.

Zlata appeared in a striking traditional dress and displayed an energetic and technically complex ballet routine during her appearance in season eight of the show. She clearly has enormous talent and very quickly won the judges and audience over with her performance and unique story. The performance made quite a splash online and has been viewed 3.1 million times, as you can see below.

Zlata, who attended with her mother and dance instructor, displayed impressive composure when addressing the judges and large audience. She made a brief introduction herself before her instructor Jose Antonio Checa explained that she was a refugee and that “she came [to Spain] because of the war.” He added that she began attending his ballet school after a recommendation and gained a scholarship to fund her dance education.

Checa said “She’s amazing. She’s an artist and I’m super proud of her being able to show it to all of you.” Zlata clearly loves performing and danced with a big smile on her face and also displayed good showmanship with how she engaged the audience. You can watch another of her ballet performances for the grand final of Spain’s Got Talent below.

After the performance Zlata said “Thank you very much for the support. I am very happy to represent my country,” as she wiped back tears. Zlata added that “I hope that all of you can help Ukraine in some way. I would love to meet with my loved ones as soon as possible.”

By the side of the stage, host Santi Millán observed that “Zlata is experiencing a very difficult situation, but the energy she has is admirable.” The audience started to chant for the golden buzzer at this point, and Zlata said “Always pursue your dreams. In Ukraine, there is a similar contest and I am very grateful to be in the one in Spain.”

Judge Edurne, who was very visibly affected by Zlata’s dance and story, said “Zlata, I’m very excited, first because I think you’re a splendid and wonderful dancer.” She then went on to explain that the performance had a special meaning for her, because she is a mother herself, although she had to stop as she teared up and judge Risto Mejide comforted her with a hug.

Edurne resumed her comments by saying that there are many children, as well as mothers and fathers experiencing similar things as Zlata at the moment. The popstar then said that she wanted Zlata “to leave like this” and hit the golden buzzer, getting a huge cheer and a standing ovation from everyone in the theater. Zlata then celebrated as she hugged her mother and Edurne, who walked up to the stage. If you can get through the whole audition without shedding a tear then well done because it’s quite a challenge. If you would like to see more from Zlata Khomenko, you can subscribe to her YouTube channel or follow her on Instagram.

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