Yuzuru Hanyu’s Olympic Performances Are Stories Of Determination Leading To Success

If you’re looking for an incredibly motivational video that can only inspire you, whilst also making you shed a happy tear or two, look no further than today’s video. It is one of determination, an unwillingness to give up, and watching the fruits of someone’s labor unfold into one magnificent celebration of success. This celebration is for Yuzuru Hanyu, who worked hard to succeed in his life and achieved exactly that.

Yuzuru Hanyu is a Japanese figure skater and ice show producer, who has also won a vast amount of medals throughout his career. However, this success has not come easily, as he has failed many times to perfect his craft and truly astonish crowds with his dazzling and unique performances. A video has collected some of his biggest achievements and paired them with his losses to demonstrate the power of determination. Watch this breathtaking and motivational video below:

Yuzuru Hanyu has been named one of the greatest figure skaters in history, and it is no wonder why. His determination to succeed and his passion for the sport have earned him the respect of millions across the globe, whilst also breaking an impressive nineteen world records in the process. Not only that, but he is also the first men’s single skater in history to achieve a Super Slam by winning all major competitions in his category within a single season.

As we can see in the above video, the sport was not always easy for Yuzuru Hanyu. He can be seen in one of the first clips failing a difficult spin and injuring himself, with another clip showing blood flowing from his chin and him barely able to walk. However, this did not deter him. As the videos progress, we see him improve and win time and time again, and thus a champion is slowly being produced through his hard work and passion. One of his best performances is at the 2022 Beijing Olympics:

Amongst his impressive figure skating routines, one of the highlights of any Yuzuru Hanyu performance is the clear expression of joy on his face when he lands a difficult move or simply completes his act. The passion that this young man has for the sport, and the respect that he has earned over the years of his competing, is written all over his face and hand gestures as he approaches the stage and, eventually, the podium.

Not only is Yuzuru Hanyu a world-renowned athlete and performer, but he has also been recognized as an inspirational man who gives back to the community whenever he can. A tradition in figure skating is to throw stuffed toys and gifts onto the ice after a performance, and Hanyu’s fans made it a custom to throw Winnie The Pooh toys to him. He has been known to donate these toys to disadvantaged children at local hospitals in the city that hosted the event where he performed.

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