Young Hearts Rome Create A Fantastic Line Dance To The BeeGees’ Night Fever

Even if it was before your time, everyone recognises John Travolta’s iconic dance to the BeeGees hit Night fever in the movie Saturday Night Fever. Even though the steps are simple, Travolta is electrifying in his white suit against a backdrop of disco lights.

Now a video has swept the internet showing a wonderfully fun line dance choreographed to the song. Although YouTube is full of choreographed dance numbers, this one is one of the best you’ll see.

The dancers are a group known as Young Hearts Rome, and their YouTube channel is full of perfectly synchronised dance routines guaranteed to make you smile. When this video begins, it shows a group of people standing on a country road. It looks like they might have just found themselves there with no particular plan.

After a minute, they begin to dance, and your jaw just drops. It’s not because it’s the most intricate footwork or complicated choreography you’ll ever see. What makes it unique and uplifting is how happy everyone is. They shimmy and shake and strut their stuff in unison, seeming to become the music. It makes you want to join in, and because the moves are so simple, you can!

After watching the video a few times, most people could pick up the basics. That might explain why the video has been viewed almost seven million times. Every country in the world has its own style of dancing and shares a deep-seated love of moving to music. It is one of the things that unites us wherever we are in the world. It accounts for the popularity of Zumba, line dancing, break dancing and many more.

In the video, the dancers express the happiness and joy we all feel when we let loose and strut our stuff on the dance floor, whether at a club, at a wedding or even in our living room. Dancing has a ton of health benefits too, so why not check out the video and have a go? If one dance isn’t enough for you, why not step it up a notch and try a samba to ABBA’s legendary song Dancing Queen? If you would like to see more from Young Hearts Rome, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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