P!nk And Daughter, Willow Sage Hart, Reach 65M Views With Beautiful Duet

Cover Me In Sunshine

Pink has found a new singing partner in her daughter, Sage Willow Hart. Willow is set to follow in her mothers rather large musical footsteps after showcasing her own singing talents over the past few years. The mother and daughter singing duo have blasted through 65 million views on YouTube with their wonderfully catchy original song titled “Cover Me in Sunshine”.

Willow has recently been showcasing her vocal talents on TikTok and on her Instagram page. Pink also shared a video of her daughter singing on her own social media channels which has led to millions taking notice of her little one’s potential future career.

Pink has said in interview that her children comes first, husband second and career third. Smiling as she speaks about her only daughter willow, she explains she loves how unstained and innocent her daughter is from the world around her saying she is her inspiration. Pink also has a son called Jameson Moon Hart, Willow’s younger brother.

The family duo were first seen singing “A Million Dreams” from The Greatest Showman back in 2020 in a studio recording, which you can see below. Willow’s innocence and hilarious interactions with her mother caught the hearts of millions.

Commenters loved this video and especially the part where Pink told her daughter she was happy she had her. Some commenters expressed, “”I’m glad I had you”- thank you Pink for understanding how important it is for a child to hear this ❤.

Sage is clearly a natural-born performer, taking after her superstar mother in all aspects of her performing. She sings with strength and steady vocals, her mother coaching her through the highs and lows of the song.

Throughout the performance you can clearly see that Pink is proud of Sage, her smile warming the room in only the way that a proud parent can. If you want to see more from Pink and her daughter Willow you can follow Pink’s official YouTube channel to stay up-to-date with the duo’s latest video content.

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