Will Barber Blends Country And Pink Floyd In An Unforgettable Blind Audition On The Voice

Talent shows such as The Voice and America’s Got Talent are perfect opportunities for hopeful individuals to show their worth. That’s what Will Barber had in mind when he attended the blind auditions for 2017’s edition of The Voice. Most contestants offer a cover of a widely popular song, and Will Barber did exactly this but with a huge twist. Covering a Pink Floyd classic, he brought British rock and deep South American country music together into one blinding performance.

Clad in dungarees and sporting a very country-esque look, Will Barber took to the stage not only with the voice of a husky country musician but also with a pairing instrument. He was equipped with an Appalachian Dulcimer, which is an authentic type of guitar that is extremely popular in Western country music. Its signature slide is part of what grants its country feel, and you can watch Will Barber’s excellent use of this underrated instrument below:

As soon as Will Barber begins his performance, one of the judges immediately presses her buzzer in recognition of “Another Brick in the Wall”. This tried and tested Pink Floyd classic was reignited during Barber’s performance, and turned into a version few people would have expected. The delicate intro and the energetic burst as the song kicks in paired wonderfully with the country aesthetic that Barber was portraying. With that, he gained his spot in 2017’s edition of The Voice.

Pink Floyd is one of the biggest and most influential bands in the world. The English rock group formed in 1965 and gained early popularity as one of Britain’s key psychedelic groups. This psychedelic nature and transcendental atmosphere remained true through most of their career, in both their experimental songwriting and their deep, philosophical lyrics. They are best known for “Another Brick in the Wall”, and the delicate “Wish You Were Here”, which you can listen to below:

Will Barber’s successful audition on The Voice made him a viral hit thanks to his creativity and original twist on Pink Floyd’s classic rock song. So much so that he returned to The Voice All Stars, where he played “Million Reasons” by Lady Gaga in his signature country fashion. His voice is powerful and unique enough to turn such a popular song into its own separate entity as if it was meant to be transformed into a country version specifically by him.

Not only has Will Barber experienced fame and success on The Voice (despite not winning), but he has also released music independently. His 2018 “Alone” featured many delicate introspections into his life, with “Piece of Heaven” being an 8-minute country epic that showcases his wide range of talents.

We hope to see more success for Will Barber in the future, and he accomplishes his dream of travelling around the world and performing with many different musicians. He has a unique talent that should be enjoyed the world over. If you would like to see more from Will Barber, you can visit his official website for more information.

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