Watch Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s Highlights From Dancing With The Stars

The current war in Ukraine is a tragedy and leaves little for anyone to smile about. That doesn't stop Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky from trying to keep up the morale of his nation, though. He inadvertently achieved this in a big way recently when a video surfaced on YouTube from his days as an entertainer.

It shows his time as a contestant on Ukraine's version of Dancing With The Stars. The video has swept like wildfire across YouTube, TikTok and Twitter and shows Zelensky's greatest hits on the show. In one memorable performance, he and partner Olena Shoptenko perform part of their routine completely blindfolded.

They had to count steps in their heads, but they still hit every mark perfectly. It is definitely one of the most unique performances across all of the Dancing With The Stars and Strictly Come Dancing series.

Considering he is not a professional dancer Zelensky's skill is truly impressive. His footwork is neat and precise, and his timing is on point. He is elegant in the ballroom dances and moves with great rhythm and bounce in the Latin ones. He also has such a huge smile that it's obvious he loves dancing and strutting his stuff for all the world to see. He also has fantastic chemistry with his partner Olena. It's no wonder that he eventually won the competition.

The internet certainly seems to agree. One commenter pointed out the ways in which Zelensky is superior to Vladimir Putin:
"zelenskyy could ride on a horse shirtless but putin could never pull off a white striped suit with a matching fedora"

Another echoed a sentiment that so many of us feel right now:
"It's difficult to reconcile that this is the same man. Over the last 48 hours, I believe most of us have found a new favorite foreign leader. Praying he and his country will survive."

As well as being a fun video which shows off Zelensky's dancing skills, it serves as a reminder of all the talent and spirit within Ukraine. That may be why the video has been viewed 1.1 million times on YouTube. Our thoughts and support go out to the people of Ukraine.

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