Vincent Vinel Wows The Voice Judges With Truly Original “Lose Yourself” Cover

When artists create impressionable or impressive tracks and they gain traction, it doesn’t take long before people attempt the song for themselves in covers that they either post online or perform live. For most, it’s the ultimate form of compliment, and many of those who attempt to cover these songs try to imitate the artist note-for-note and in the same style, which is an impressive feat.

That’s not always the case, as we will come to see in this article. On the popular vocal talent show The Voice in 2017, one contestant was about to show that bringing your flair to a cover can bring it to life in a whole new way. Vincent Vinel, a Bulgarian-born visually impaired singer, wowed judges with an impressive and unique cover of Eminem’s iconic rap track, “Lose Yourself”. Watch the video below, and prepare to be amazed:

When most think of rap covers, they typically expect someone to copy the song verse for verse, with a little sprinkle of individual flair to make it original. Vincent Vinel, however, turned that idea on its head entirely when he began his rendition with an almost operatic introduction, complete with an equally impressive piano arrangement. The judges were, understandably, gobsmacked when the ‘true’ cover emerged, and Vinel began to perform Eminem’s classic.

Not only does Vinel demonstrate his impressive vocal ability at the beginning of his audition, but he also executes Eminem’s actual rapping incredibly well while adding his jazzy flair to the entire track. It’s one of the most original, refreshing, and downright electrifying covers of Eminem that have been released thus far, and is hard to beat. Another standout “Lose Yourself” cover is a metal variant, performed by Sharks In Your Mouth, which you can try out below:

After his incredible performance, the judges get to learn more about Vincent Vinel and how impressive he truly is. Born visually impaired, he began to develop a passion for music which eventually led him to start playing the piano at just four years old. From then, he learned to play the guitar, ukulele, saxophone, and other instruments, but the piano remained his instrument of choice and he continued to develop it over the years.

Not only are the judges shocked by Vinel’s performance, but they are also incredibly impressed, and each presses their buzzer to turn and watch him for the remainder of his audition. Vinel would then go on to join Team Roxy before sadly being eliminated in the Knockout Rounds of the competition.

According to some internet sources, his elimination from The Voice has not stopped Vinel from pursuing his music career. Sources indicate that he occasionally livestreams and performs online, whilst also uploading videos on YouTube of any original songs or covers he has created. Whatever he chooses to do, we wish Vinel the very best in all his endeavors and thank him for creating such a unique take on a modern rap classic. If you would like to see more from Vincent Vinel, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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