V.Unbeatable Dance Crew Has Judges Fighting Over Them In Golden Buzzer Performance On AGT

The Indian dance crew, V.Unbeatable, were unstoppable when they hit the America’s Got Talent stage earlier this month. The 28-member dance crew from Mumbai had the judges completely enthralled from the beginning of their performance, which was a high energy spectacle. The group appeared in the semi-finals on February 5, 2024, on America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League and they simply bowled everyone away.

V.Unbeatable began their performance with a bang by throwing one of the dancers over the judges’ heads, and then even higher, launching him onto the stage where he landed as gracefully as a cat without any assistance. The group then showcased their incredible talent as dancers and gymnasts, commencing a routine that quickly progressed to one of the dancers catapulting himself backwards off a platform several meters in the air, only to be caught by his compatriots.

The amazing feats of skill just kept on coming thick and fast, with crew members doing flips and high-flying leaps all around the stage. They managed this while executing a tight and sassy dance routine to a song that mixed traditional Indian music with modern electronic music. The group’s daring feats left the judges in shock, with Mel B holding her hands up to her face in disbelief at what she was witnessing.

There’s no doubt that V.Unbeatable’s stage show would have required hundreds of hours of dedicated practice due to the incredible level of complexity and technical skill involved. As reported by NPR, the group’s members come from the slums of northern Mumbai. This makes their achievements even more remarkable considering the limited resources they had at their disposal to refine their craft so precisely. V.Unbeatable returned to AGT for a second time this month in a video that was just uploaded yesterday.

There was some drama among the judges after V.Unbeatable’s first performance on America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League. The group appeared on the show as part of Howie Mandel’s team, and he was soaking up the glory after their performance. Judge Heidi Klum was clearly enjoying their performance, and as she began her judges’ comments, the whole audience began chanting “Press it!” in an effort to get her to hit the golden buzzer.

Mandel tried to quiet the audience, and although he wasn’t successful, they eventually quieted down enough for Klum to speak. She said, “I literally sit here and think ‘Did I just see that?’ It almost doesn’t seem real what all of you do. It seems like some movie that we’re watching and it’s so crazy what you guys do.”

Mel B and Simon Cowell then took their turns at expressing admiration for V.Unbeatable. Mandel then declared how excited he was to have them on “team Howie”, but Klum picked that moment to surprise him, saying, “No, you’re not anymore!” and hit the golden buzzer. The look of pure joy on the dancers’ faces as they celebrated and hugged each other was a real sight to see.

Check out more from the breathtaking dance crew V.Unbeatable on their Facebook and Instagram pages. This unstoppable 28-member group from Mumbai truly left the judges and audience in awe during their mind-blowing performance on America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League.

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