Ukrainian Women Sing Patriotic Songs Whilst Making Camouflage Nets

As Russia continues it’s assault on Ukraine, powerful footage is emerging showcasing the people’s resolve in the hardest of times. As ordinary members of the Ukrainian public are picking up arms to help resist the Russian invasion, these videos show that they’re willing to do what ever it takes to fight for their country.

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In the video below, a group of Ukrainian women are singing patriotic songs as they weave camouflage nets to be used by their soldiers on the frontline.


Although their singing is beautiful, there is nothing beautiful about the circumstances in Ukraine currently. Above the women reads a sign written in Ukrainian that translates to “Unbreakable” – a message of Ukrainian bravery and a message they certainly are fulfilling.

Earlier last week, a woman named “Oksana Gulenko” sings the Ukrainian national anthem as she sweeps glass from the window ledge in her home. She could be seen holding back her tears as she cleared the devastation from her bomb-stricken home.

Despite the official words coming from Moscow saying it would only strike military targets in Ukraine, videos like the one above are helping to prove that more than 33 civilian sites have in fact been hit by the Russian attacks. We all hope these devastating scenes will soon comes to an end.

Over the past week, the Ukrainian national anthem has been sung by people across the world showing their solidarity with the Ukrainian people. The song’s title translates into English as “Glory and Freedom of Ukraine Has not yet Perished”. As the attacks were announced by the Russian President last week, the people of Kramatorsk took to the city center to sing the Ukrainian national anthem. This powerful song and passionate performance is a display of unison from the Ukrainian people in the face of very worrying events.

Western world leaders have continued to condemn the actions taken by Russia and have introduced economic sanctions to try and squeeze the Russian economy. These sanctions have already had a financial effect on the Russian ruble (or rouble), which crashed to record lows.

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