Tyson Venegas’ Stunning Performance Of Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me

American Idol has delivered yet another stunning performance courtesy of Canadian Tyson Venegas. He sang Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me, a wonderful ballad initially written and recorded by Elton John in 1974. It hit the charts again with a live duet between Elton John and George Michael in 1991.

With two exceptional versions in the past, the pressure was on for Tyson to do the song justice. Tyson didn’t just have to live up to the original, though. The 2023 season is well underway, and it’s been one of the strongest seasons to date. Who could forget Iam Tongi’s raw and emotional audition? If you have, not to worry, it’s down below.

Nutsa also hit it out of the park to secure her place in the top 12, and Colin Stough blew everyone away with his rendition of Dancing On My Own.

With so much competition Tyson’s performance had to be flawless, and it was. When you listen to Tyson sing, it’s hard to believe he is only seventeen. His voice is rich, mature, perfectly controlled, and so powerful! It’s hard to believe it’s coming from this sweet young man.

The camera shows the judges at several points and they are with him all the way. Luke Bryan raises his hands in praise, Lionel Ritchie grins and nods throughout, and Kay Perry is just lost in the music. The audience loves Tyson, too, and goes crazy at the end of his performance. Then the camera cuts to Tyson’s mother, who naturally has tears streaming down her face. Her pride in her son shines out of her face, and it’s completely justified.

Tyson’s performance dripped with star quality, and if life is fair at all he has a big future ahead of him. He’s already a star on YouTube. The video of this performance has been viewed 366,000 times in a week and received an avalanche of positive reviews. One person explains eloquently what makes Tyson so special:

“This guy has lots to offer. His voice at 17 is magnificent and outrageous. He is the best vocal in the group with so much control.”

Naturally, Tyson made it through to the top twelve. He received enough votes from viewers to be safe and not have to sing again for his spot. Sadly, despite a fantastic rendition of Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi, Tyson was eliminated and did not make it into the top eight. When you consider how exceptional Tyson’s voice is, it goes to show how high the standard is this year.

Although he must have been bitterly disappointed Tyson continued to smile and stated it had been an honour to appear on the show. Hopefully his exposure on American Idol and on YouTube will be a springboard to a successful music career in the future. He certainly has the star quality to make it to the big time so let’s stay tuned.

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