TwoSetViolin A Brilliant Australian Classical Music Comedy Duo

Who Are TwoSetViolin?

While classical music has millions of fans worldwide, some people avoid it because they see it as traditional, old, and not much fun. TwoSet Violin could be the duo that changes all that. Australian duo Brett Yang and Eddy Chen started TwoSet Violin in 2004. Their YouTube channel showcases the difficulties of life as a classical violinist. The videos they make are almost painfully honest but at the same time absolutely hilarious.

Brett and Eddy wanted to make videos to inspire musicians worldwide and build their confidence by showing them ‘imperfectness’ in a funny and very relatable way. Learning an instrument, especially the violin, isn’t easy. Brett and Eddy’s channel encourages viewers not to be afraid of mistakes and have fun with their playing. It’s a refreshing and engaging introduction to learning music.

Since 2004 the TwoSet Violin channel has gone from strength to strength. Their videos have now received over 500 million views, and they’ve attracted 4.5 million followers on social media. If you haven’t seen any of their videos yet, this one is guaranteed to turn you into a fan.

In it, the guys are playing a game of violin charades. No, it’s not a joke! The way it works is that one of them picks a country from a pouch, and using the music alone, the other has to guess which country it is. You’ll be laughing before they even start playing when you see Brett’s fake moustache. The thing that makes the video so enjoyable is how much fun they’re obviously having. It makes you want to grab a violin and have a go yourself.

It seems that TwoSet Violin is set to go from strength to strength. In 2017, wanting to take their show on the road and tour the world, they set up a Kickstarter campaign to fund it. They pledged to busk non-stop and even sleep on the street in Sydney until they achieved their goal of $50,000. It sounds intense, but they met their goal in an incredible five days! Its an example of another way in which Brett and Eddy break the mold of traditional classical violinists.

Reaching their goal marked the beginning of the first-ever crowdfunded classical music world tour. TwoSet Violin played to fans in sold-out venues around the world everywhere from New York, to Hong Kong, to London and Helsinki. It’s also clear that their breakneck pace is still showing no signs of slowing down. In the hopes of inspiring a whole new generation of budding violinists, Brett and Eddy are planning to add even more countries to their tour in 2021.

If you would like to see more from this amazingly talented duo, subscribe to their YouTube channel or follow their Facebook page.

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