Listen To The Beautiful Song Made By Twenty-Five Wolves

There are hundreds of different types of music worldwide, but sometimes the most beautiful melody is not made in a recording studio; it's made in nature. Check out this incredible video from the Wolf Conservation Center in Salem, New York, that has swept YouTube. You can hear the spine-tingling sound of twenty-five wolves howling as a pack.

Although many wolves are howling in the background, the star of the video is Alawa, a Canadian/Rocky Mountain grey wolf. She was born at the Center in 2011, and as well as looking absolutely stunning, she has an important job.

Alawa is one of four ambassador wolves at the Conservation Center that aid in educating the public about wolves and their importance in the environment.

At the start of the video, other wolves howl in the distance as Alawa lies calmly on a rock. Her fur is thick and beautiful, and her eyes are full of wisdom and serenity. After a moment, she decides to join her pack and begins to howl. It's an awe-inspiring sound.

If you've never heard a wolf howl before, you might think it would be one note. It's not. The howl changes pitch, length and volume. It seems certain that some form of communication is taking place, and it makes you long to understand what these beautiful creatures are singing about. It's strange to think that between the birds, rodents and all other wildlife, we walk through a world filled with conversations we can never access.

Humans are convinced they are the highest form of life, and it's good to remember there may be equal intelligence in the animal kingdom that we simply don't understand. Whether it's true or not, the call of the wild seems to speak to us at a profound level. Just consider the 5.5 million people who have watched this video.

The comments section shows how moved people feel when they watch it. One commenter exclaimed, "Such beautiful creatures. They deserve more love. Their howls are a sign of hope, not danger." However, the most lovely comment showed the power of a wolf's howl.

Wolves are pack animals, and although dogs may have become domesticated, they have not forgotten their roots. One person explained"

"Playing this was the ONLY thing that calmed our dogs during the July 4th fireworks & later thunderstorms! We all thank you – dogs & their human companions"

Check out this powerful video today. If you would like to see more from Wolf Conservation Center, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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