Too Many Zooz A Brilliant Brass Band

The brass band “Too Many Zooz” is an American based music band famous for their viral videos. A lot of their videos are performed busking in the subway in NYC (New York City). Performing a mixture of Jazz, Afro-Cuban rhythms, EDM and Funk they describe themselves as a “Brass House” band.

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Regularly performing at Union Square many passers-by have recorded the trio playing their infectious “Brass House” style. One particular video, uploaded in March 2014 was uploaded and has since gone viral gaining much-deserved appreciation.

Band Members:

Leo Pellegrino (baritone saxophone)
Matt Muirhead “Doe” (trumpet)
David Parks “King of Sludge” (drums)

Pellegrino was a member of the well-known brass band “Lucky Chops”. Bringing his already semi-famous dance moves, whilst playing the Saxophone, into “Too Many Zooz”.

Pellegrino met Muirhead (A member of too many zooz) at the Manhattan School Of Music where they both studied. The duo teamed up with “Parks”, who Pellegrino had previously busked within a group called “Drumadics”. In 2013 they formed the trio “Too Many Zooz”.

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