Iam Tongi & Oliver Steele Make Ed Sheeran Emotional With A Stunning Cover Of Photograph

Ed Sheeran was a guest judge on American Idol in May 2023. His presence sparked a beautifully gentle duet from Iam Tongi and Oliver Steele as they duo took to the stage to perform “Photograph” in front of the original songwriter. Their voices perfectly meld together through the duet.

Following the performance, Ed Sheeran said, “Just how well your voices compliment each other. It was so beautiful to listen to like your vocal tones fit so well with each other. I know that both of you have like… I’m listening to it knowing that there’s a crazy power singing ability that’s in there, but just gentleness and soulfulness you’re bringing… I got emotional listening to that, it was good,” he said. Watch their performance below.

Steele, a native of Mount Juliet, Tennessee, and Tongi, hailing from Kahuku, Hawaii, stood side by side with their acoustic guitars, ready to showcase their musical chemistry. Their captivating performance took place in the presence of esteemed judges, including Luke Bryan from Idol, as well as guest judges Ed Sheeran and Alanis Morissette. To further enhance their melodic journey, a small orchestra accompanied them, infusing their performance with depth and richness.

Notably, the show also featured a stirring performance from the renowned artist Ed Sheeran himself. Ed Sheeran also performed on the show. He took to the stage to perform his new song “Closed Eyes” in an emotional performance from the superstar. You can see his emotional performance in the video below.

It was a show to remember. Ed Sheeran has recently released a documentary called “The Sum Of It All” which is available to stream on Disney+. The documentary was set to follow Ed throughout his creative process in the making of his new album, Subtract. However, 2022 was a difficult year for the singer-songwriter after he lost his best friend, Jamal Edwards.

The documentary follows the raw and emotional journey Ed and his wife Cherry endured throughout the making of his new studio album. Fans have been expressing their appreciation for the singer allowing an inside look at his life and one of the hardest years of his life. If you haven’t seen it, it’s well worth a watch.

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