Tom Odell Casually Plays Live To Commuters At St Pancras Station Piano

It’s not every day a massive pop star casually gives a concert at your local railway station, but for commuters at St Pancras station, Tom Odell gave them a trip to remember. The English star sat down at the famous public piano at the London station and played his biggest hit “Another Love” on piano and vocals, quickly bringing the station to a standstill while a big crowd drew together to watch.

Odell made the surprise appearance in the early morning and performed the song flawlessly. Despite working without so much as a microphone, Odell’s instantly recognizable voice was in full flight. Clearly, the talented Englishman is the real deal with his playing and singing ability. You can see his performance below.

It looked like a chilly day so a performance from one of the biggest folk-pop singers on the planet is just the thing to brighten the morning commute. Fans really enjoyed the video, writing comments such as “One of those moments when you just wish you were there. Genius,” and “Wow, few singers would do that and still be that good. Greatest respect.”

Odell clearly loves getting in amongst fans for intimate performances such as this. He did another surprise show in Amsterdam at the Museumplein in 2016. Tom asks the crowd to help him sing, and the audience singing together with him like a choir is so beautiful. It’s also interesting to see how he varies his piano part between the performances, making each one unique.

“Another Love” was Odell’s debut single back in 2012, and it served as the lead single from his debut album Long Way Down back in 2013. NME infamously gave Odell’s debut album 0 out of 10, but propelled by the success of “Another Love”, he was nonetheless on track to become a huge star.

The piano-led love song was a sleeper hit, eventually becoming a commercial success across Europe in 2013, notably peaking at number 10 in the UK. The single has remained Odell’s most enduring song and became one of the most popular tracks on all of Spotify, with 1.9 billion streams clocked. It also became popular on TikTok in 2022, resulting in it reappearing on the charts across the planet, this time making an impact in a much wider range of countries and hitting 14 on the Billboard Global 200.

Despite its huge success, Odell told Interview Magazine that “Another Love” was not a traditional love song and was a “confusing one”. The singer explained that “The song is about trying—really trying with all your heart—to be with someone else and you want to be with someone else. The song was written talking to this girl that I really wanted to be with, and I was trying to work out why I couldn’t be with her.”

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