Tom Logan Gets A Rare Opportunity To Sing “Daddy’s Little Girl” With Michael Bublé On Stage…With Help From His Daughter

It’s not every day that you get to interact with one of your biggest fans, and any who do are the envy of the world during their moment in the spotlight. For Tom Logan and his daughter Violet, this exact moment was about to happen when they went to see Michael Bublé live in concert in Greenville, South Carolina in 2021.

Not only was the interaction an incredible moment for the father-daughter pair, but they also melted the hearts of the entire venue with their loving introduction. Respectfully, without screaming to Bublé to grab his attention, Violet is seen holding a sign saying “Please let my daddy sing”; as soon as the Canadian singer noticed the board and announced it to the crowd, an eruption of joy ensued and a dazzling performance began. Watch the clip below:

Bublé is known for his loving interactions with his fans, and this was no exception. Before Logan coming on stage with him, Bublé declares the sign held by his daughter: “I see this beautiful girl, she’s crying and she’s holding a sign…”, and almost looks as happy as the father-daughter duo themselves.

What happens next is beautiful. Bublé asks Logan what song he wants to sing, and when he mentions “Daddy’s Little Girl” in tribute to his daughter, Bublé kneels and gets emotional after missing his children whilst on tour. Not only that, but this is a song that Bublé sings to his daughter every night, so the crowd is ready for an emotional time.

As Logan begins to sing, Violet joins Bublé and they sit down together as her father sings this touching lullaby to her in front of a full venue. If that isn’t a declaration of love from a father to a daughter, then I don’t know what is. The three are emotional throughout, and it shows just how much of a people person Bublé is; taking all the time in the world for his fans and connecting with them on a personal level to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Not only will this be a memorable occasion for Tom Logan and his daughter Violet, but it will be sure to stay in Bublé’s mind for a long time as he performs lengthy tours away from his family.

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