Tom Ball’s Epic Finals Performance On BGT

Tom Ball has recently hit the headlines once again after he appeared on America’s Got Talent All-Stars. His fantastic vocal control is a thing of beauty as he effortlessly sings some of the hardest notes you’ll ever hear.

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Tom first appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. Despite not winning the show, Tom was clearly an exceptional talent that would go on to do wonderful things in the music industry. With vocals that will leave the hairs all over your body standing on end, watch his incredible BGT finals performance below and marvel over the insane last notes he pulls off.

As well as being a fantastic show, America’s Got Talent All-Stars is fabulous because we get to see our favourite artists who were just pipped to the post on other shows. When you watch Tom Ball’s audition you might struggle to understand how he didn’t win last season on Britain’s Got Talent.

Tom is a music teacher and is only twenty-four years old. Admittedly, he doesn’t look like someone able to blow the judges away with his musical chops. Looks can be deceiving, however. For his audition, Tom chose to perform the Simon and Garfunkel hit The Sound Of Silence.

He had big shoes to fill. Not only was the song one of Simon and Garfunkel’s best-loved hits, but the band Disturbed also made a haunting, raspy cover that took the world by storm. The second he opened his mouth Tom showed exactly why he deserved his spot on All-Stars. At first, the audience is too stunned to react, they wave their lights in time and watch in awe. A little while in, though, the applause starts and doesn’t stop. By the end, the crowd are on their feet screaming.

Simon admits to being a little angry following his performance because he wished it was the first time he’d heard him sing. He also told Tom that he believed if he’d sung that song in Britain’s Got Talent, he would have won as it was the best performance of the whole season so far. Howie and Heidi were full of praise too and as their comments ended the crowd let them know what they wanted and expected.

To the audience’s delight, and Tom’s incredulous joy, presenter Terry Crews runs over to join the judges. On the count of three, the hands come down on the Golden Buzzer, and just like that Tom was through to the live shows. Once you watch the video you’ll see how much It was deserved. Tom’s performance was sublime and far more powerful and rich than his age would suggest.

The audition was added to the AGT YouTube channel just two months ago, and it has already been viewed 13 million times and received 197,000 likes. Commenters are gushing with praise for both the rendition and Tom himself. One vocal coach explained how exceptional it is:

“I’ve given vocal lessons and Tom Ball has a naturally MASTERED, voice and note, pitch. I know that I’ve listened to this at LEAST 15 times already and am still just, AMAZED at his talent! He makes you FEEL the song. And what a humble soul he is. His voice is like its, heavenly!! Sorry Simon and Garfunkel BUT Tom took his rendition and took your song to heaven’s ears!! Whew!!

It seems unbelievable, but sadly Tom did not win in the end. It seems as big a tragedy as his appearance on Britain’s Got Talent but the standard is just so high. Hopefully, his popularity and talent will bag him a recording contract very soon, he certainly deserves it.

Once you’ve listened to Tom’s rendition a few times, check out the extraordinarily talented Iam Tongi from American Idol. He sings The Sound Of Silence too, and it’s equally incredible but in a different way. Why not see which you prefer?

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