Timpanogos High School Choir Performs Funny Rendition Of The William Tell Overture

It’s not every day that you see a choir take the comedic route to demonstrate their abilities, but the Timpanogos High School Choir had different ideas on their performance day. Not only did this choir perform an excellent rendition of the classic William Tell Overture, but they added a performance routine to it that turns this overture into a jolly romp.

Where the William Tell Overture has been used many times in the media, it doesn’t get covered as much in popular media. When Miss Mellisa Thorne had the opportunity to teach the kids, she took it into her hands to relive this classic piece of music. You can watch their curious and original performance in the video from their assembly below:

Not only did this group of young students perform the William Tell Overture exceedingly well, with a coverage of all vocal ranges and styles, but they also provided a galloping performance as they mimicked horse-related activities throughout. There was a real mix; actual galloping, and the act of watching an imaginary horse as it ‘bounded’ past them which left the audience giggling away.

Comedy in choirs is seldom seen, but if executed well, it can be an incredible sight. In Manchester, UK, two choirs were allowed to be cameos in a new Channel 4 TV series entitled Everyone Else Burns. The Chorlton Sings and Alty Voices pop choirs were given a rare opportunity to perform in a TV show after only forming two years prior, during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns of 2021. Watch a performance of the Chorlton Sings group performing at the Chorlton Arts Festival in the clip below:

During the Timpanogos High School performance, it was uncertain at first whether the rendition of William Tell’s Overture was going to be a direct cover, or something a little different. The audience knew that they were in for a treat when some of the young men in the choir began to gallop, enticing a giggle or two from the audience. They even faked needing a breather towards the end of the performance, before quickly rising back to their feet and bobbing up and down for the overture’s final hurrah.

Despite the outfit’s formal attire and professional aura, they’re not afraid to have a little fun, and it truly shows how talented this group of individuals is. The video of the Timpanogos High School choir performing the William Tell Overture was an instant internet hit and has gathered over a million views on YouTube since its release.

The original William Tell Overture, composed by Giacchino Rossini in 1829 as part of one of his last operas before semi-retirement, was an instant success. However, despite the overture, nor the opera, containing any horses or even horse riding, it has been commonly used in media and film as a soundtrack to represent a heroic rescue to save the day. It must be said that even though this wasn’t Rossini’s intention, it does work, and it continues to be used for that purpose today.

If you would like to see more from Timpanogos Chorale, you can visit their official website for more information.

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