3 Year Old Conducts Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony With The Skill Of A Professional Maestro

3 Year Old Videoed “Air Conducting”

Have you ever seen a three-year-old conduct an orchestra? Well, at the age of only three Jonathan Okseniuk was caught conducting an imaginary orchestra to the sound of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.

The talented young performer can be seen in the living room, baton in hand swiping it this way and that in the style of a professional orchestral conductor.

Jonathan Conduct “Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony”

The living room is filled with the sounds of the recorded performance and the young conductor is in his element. It’s refreshing to see such a young person be so involved in classical music, it’s often something which is said to be out of fashion. Watch his perfect performance in the video below.

The Herbert von Karajan recording with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is blasted out across the living room as the young conductor gets into his stride, you can clearly see from his face that he is truly enjoying himself and is living the in the moment.

The fourth and final section of the performance is topped out by the young conductor by him announcing to the “crowd” that this is his favourite bit before breaking down into fits and shrieks of joy, much to the amusement of his filming mother. Below is another musical prodigy – a three year old leading a full size orchestra playing the drums.

Following his earlier success in the field the young performer has gone on to loftier heights becoming a skilled violinist of some great skill and talent. The little performer has received awards for his skilful performances throughout the US as well as going on to find fame on various TV shows as a guest conductor of great skill.

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