Thomas Gabriel And Whey Jennings Pay Tribute To Their Legendary Grandfathers

Fans of the outlaw movement in country music were in for a nostalgic treat when Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings’ grandsons teamed up to pay tribute to their grandfathers with a cover of the song ‘Highwayman’. Whey Jennings is the grandson of the iconic country artist Waylon Jennings, who had hits such as ‘I’ve Always Been Crazy’ and ‘I’m A Rambling Man’. Thomas Gabriel is the grandson of Johnny Cash, known for his hits such as ‘Ring of Fire’ and ‘Folsom Prison Blues’.

Their grandsons, now both country musicians in their own right, joined together to record a version of the song ‘Highwayman’ – a song their grandparents had originally recorded together in the 80s. Taking to the stage in front of the American flag, Whey Jennings began to sing the song in his rich baritone voice before announcing, “Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Thomas Gabriel”, who then entered to sing the last verse.

The video has now reached an impressive 4 million views, with fans of outlaw country flocking to the video to celebrate their favourite musicians’ legacy and heritage. Many fans in the comments noticed the eerie similarity between the two men’s voices and those of their grandfathers, leaving comments such as “The legends are still alive through their grandsons’ voices” and “Thomas Gabriel sounds hauntingly like his grandfather.”

For many, this song is emblemic of the musical partnership between Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash. The legendary country singers teamed up to form a supergroup with Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson in 1985. Their first single was a cover of the song ‘The Highwayman’, first released by Jimmy Webb in 1977. The cover went straight to number one. Their first album went by the same name, and they later decided to name their supergroup after the song, too, going by the name ‘The Highwaymen’.

With both Whey Jennings and Thomas Gabriel coming to music slightly later in life, fans will be pleased to know that these two artists are really only just getting started in their own music careers. Thomas Gabriel has released two albums, one in 2018 and the other in 2021. He made his Grand Ole Opry debut in 2023 in honour of Johnny Cash, and it appears that he aims to continue paying tribute to the legacy of his grandfather, too.

For those who want to hear more from Whey Jennings, you are in luck. Having so far released multiple EPs and a live album, Whey Jennings’ first studio album is set for release in August 2024. The first single, ‘Jekyll & Hyde’, was released in April, with more set to follow. While both artists are forging their own musical paths, fans are sure to appreciate their commitment to keeping the sound of outlaw country alive.

Experience the rich and evocative sounds of outlaw country music by joining the vibrant community of Whey Jennings on YouTube. Whey’s roots in the musical tradition run deep, being the grandson of the iconic Waylon Jennings. You can also keep up with his latest news and updates on his Facebook and Instagram pages. For a comprehensive look into his life and his music, visit his website.

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