The Rybka Twins’ Electrifying Dance Performance Turns Controversial On America’s Got Talent

The Rybka Twins gave an electrifying dance performance on America’s Got Talent, blowing the audience away with their skills, although they caused a bit of a tiff between the judges. Sam and Teagan Rybka, who are from Perth, Australia, lit up the stage in stunning matching dresses. No one was looking at the wardrobe though, as they began their performance with a bang, showing off a series of athletic flips as well as graceful ballet moves performed with a whole lot of sass.

The Rybka Twins showed off gravity-defying acrobatic moves, with a series of flips, cartwheels, and leaps that had the audience cheering for more. The petite twins must have some serious muscle on their slim frames, as the routine required incredible strength and endurance. Afterwards, they received a rowdy standing ovation from the room and their audition attracted 3.4 million views on YouTube.

The audition began on an awkward note as the 27-year-old twins turned their attention to Simon Cowell and wanted to know if he remembered their previous meeting. He tried to play it cool but clearly had no idea who they were. The twins soon made sure none of the judges would forget their performance, with Heidi Klum later saying, “You had me already at the first split, I was like wow! They didn’t just come to play – they came to win.”

Cantankerous Howie Mandell had a different take, saying that the twins had the skills, but found their routine “a little corny.” The audience turned on Mandell and fiercely booed him at this point. He continued, saying, “That would not go viral on TikTok.” Sofia Vergara agreed, saying they should make it more “modern”, and then the audience started booing her too. Finally, the twins’ fate went to Cowell. The girls had previously gone viral with their hit audition on Australia’s Got Talent.

Cowell came down on the audience’s side, saying, “I completely disagree with Sofia and Howie. I loved this audition, I really, really did. Because you’re fun, you’re likeable, great energy, great showmanship. I just find you two interesting.”
The judges then took a vote, with Simon and Klum quickly voting yes, while Howie stuck to his guns and voted no. The audience started chanting for the twins as Vergara deliberated, and she allowed that “the talent here is so amazing.” The audience then managed to sway her with their passionate support and Vergara gave the twins the third yes vote they needed to advance to the next round.

If you enjoyed the electrifying performance by The Rybka Twins, be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel for more incredible routines. You can also follow them on their Facebook page. Sam and Teagan Rybka continue to impress audiences with their gravity-defying acrobatics and have gathered a substantial following online. Despite an initial forgetful moment from Simon Cowell, the twins certainly left their mark on the America’s Got Talent stage.

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