The Interim Junior High School In Ślęzaki Cover “Africa” By Toto

Here from Poland is a group of young musicians from “The Interim Junior High School” in Ślęzaki a village in the administrative district of Gmina Baranów.

They performed a brilliant cover of Africa by Toto featuring multiple students from the high school including a drummer, 2 backing singers, a lead singer, a bassist, two guitarists, and a bongo player! Africa is known as quite a difficult song to cover, as there are many different instrumental parts, harmonies, and melodies which need to interact throughout the song. These guys do an awesome job of it.

This video was first featured on the school’s Youtube channel called “Zespół Szkolno Przedszkolny w Ślęzakach Coolturalni” which roughly translates to, “Preschool-School Complex in Ślęzaki Coolturalni”.

Africa is a wonderful song. A song which is hard to replicate because Toto (the band that wrote and originally sang the song) was a group of hardcore and highly respected musicians. Their songs were crafted with careful precision. They released four albums in total, which were all very successful. Musicians love and respect Toto for their wonderfully produced music because their songs are so musically impressive. Musical science has said, “Africa” was the best song ever recorded.

The Interim Junior High School started their YouTube channel in February 2016 and have gained over 2 million views in that time. They upload videos from the students. The video of the student covering Africa above is one of their most-watched videos.

Check out their YouTube channel to see more from the school.

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