The Five Strings, A Family Band Of Five, Surprise Resident With “O Come Ye All Faithful” Rendition Just In Time For Christmas

Christmas time is a period for goodwill and for remembering the little things in life that make existence special. Be it giving presents to one another, preparing food together, or simply sharing a jolly conversation, Christmas seems to enhance all these aspects and remind us of their importance. For many, one way we inspire and light the Christmas spirit is through carolling, which has been a tradition for centuries.

For most people, carolling is a commonplace event where groups – typically families – go door-to-door in their neighbourhoods to sing Christmas carols to nearby folks and spread a little happiness in any way that they can. One group, The Five Strings, took this idea and elevated it in an unexpectedly professional way that would be sure to stick in the heads of anyone who was fortunate enough to be visited by them. Watch their incredible performance of “O Come Ye All Faithful” in the video below:

The Five Strings are a family band formed of, unsurprisingly, five siblings, who share a common love for music and a desire to spread that love to as many people as possible. They like to perform ‘flash mobs’, where unsuspecting people are surprised by the quintet performing just for them. In this case, a random person answered their door and was greeted with a professional carol singing session!

In the description of their YouTube video, The Five Strings present some of their truly loving and humble personality with their request for the song. “We wanted to share our light with others through music… You can buy this song not by paying money, but by giving a little bit of your light to someone else this Christmas season. You could go caroling at a nursing home. Make a meal for a family in need. Surprise your parents by cleaning the house or making breakfast. Get creative!”

This is a wonderful gesture and one that keeps the Christmas spirit of goodwill and giving alive; an aspect of humanity that we need to remember more and more in recent days. Get warm and cosy, and get ready to get into the festive spirit with The Five Strings. If you would like to see more from The Five Strings, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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