The Bello Sisters Blow Away The Judges On America’s Got Talent All-Stars

Of all the acts in America’s Got Talent, the acrobats are some of the most impressive. Their feats of strength, balance and bravery are just incredible to watch. In season 15, there was a jaw-dropping performance by three sisters who perform as The Bello Sisters. Their performance has to be seen to be believed.

Unfortunately, due to Covid they couldn’t perform for the live shows and were eliminated as part of the top ten. Lucky for us, they were invited back to perform on America’s Got Talent: All-Stars. In the video below, judge Heidi Klum seems genuinely excited to see them. Their audition, if possible, was even better than their first.

The girls are dressed in short, sparkly silver and black dresses which allow a full range of movement. It also allows viewers to see exactly what they are doing, leaving them nowhere to hide. As the routine continues it’s hard to believe their moves can get more difficult, but they do! One of the most stunning moments is when the younger sisters, Celine and Joline, do handstands, pressing their feet together to form a triangle.

What’s so amazing about that? Only the fact big sister, Loren, climbs up the triangle and does a handstand balanced on her sisters’ feet! Even then, they still weren’t done. Celine puts one of her feet on the floor, forming a standing split before removing her hands from the ground. It is simply incredible. The applause is deafening at the end of their routine. They received a standing ovation from the judges and were in the top three among audience votes, putting them through to the final.

It seems a crime that they only came sixth in the end. It just shows how high the standard is in the All-Stars show. However, with routines, strength, and talent like theirs a successful career seems guaranteed. It seems even more likely when you consider that performing like this is in their blood.

There isn’t a massive amount of information about the sisters’ backgrounds. What we do know is that their father was a member of Cirque du Soleil for twelve years. It should come as no surprise that he was an acrobat, a part of the Icarian Games act. Their mother walked the highwire and was the first woman to ever do it without stilts for balance. It’s a very talented family.

The girls followed in their parents’ footsteps and began training as acrobats when they were little girls. It must have taken a lot of practice and dedication to build up their strength and flexibility. They must also have practised their performance hundreds of times to get it so spot on. Since the show, the Bello Sisters continue to thrill the public. They have performed at halftime for the NBA and achieved their dream of putting on a Bello family show in Las Vegas. Their future success seems certain.

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