Tash Sultana An Incredible One Person Band From Melbourne

Tash Sultana is a 25-year-old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who hails from Australia, she specialises in the genres of alternative rock and psychedelic rock.

Sultana began playing guitar at the age of 3, her performing days in her native Melbourne where she spent busking on the sunny streets of her hometown. Her unique style of guitar playing and haunting vocalisation is her signature, often performing multiple blended riffs on the same guitar using mixing boards connected to a pedal set.

Sultana became an active performer on Bandcamp, an online music production company where she still is a member to date. Sultana released her official version of her hit EP “Notion” in 2016 which led, the following year to a tour that would define her as an artist.

Sultana is a Multi-Instrumentalist of astounding skill and renown, her list of instruments stands at 20, these include flute, percussion, saxophone, and of course, her trade-mark guitar. In 2016 Sultana released a video of her song “Jungle” which attained a breath-taking 1 million views in the space of only 5 days. Between the years of 2016-2017, Sultana rose to the heights of Triple J Top 100 with “Jungle” and “Notion” earning No.3 and No.32 respectively.

In 2018 Sultana debuted her album “Flow State” which when asked, she described as “it’s the term to refer to when you access a part of your mind known as your being, and you find something you are passionate about.” During the production of this album, she worked with well-known singer-songwriter and fellow Australian Matt Corby. Corby and Sultana went on later to produce and perform “Talk It Out” together.

Sultana’s style of play has been reckoned to a “one-person band” which is an understatement. Sultana has the ability to, through the use of loop pedals, synthesizers and a plethora of talent, engage the audience through captivating instrumental solos and spine-tingling, undulating and lilting vocals. Sultana’s video of her song “Cigarettes” showcases her talents to perfection, showing her barefoot, utilising her looping system to great effect, before launching into a beautifully flowing rendition of the song. You can see clearly from the performance that she feels every single beat and stroke of the strings whilst performing.

If you want watch more from this super talented one woman band, subscribe to her YouTube channel or follow her Facebook page.

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