Tamera Foster Fights On During Rough Start To X Factor Audition

After a round of disappointing performances in the first week of X Factor 2013’s Arena Auditions, 16-year-old Tamera Foster broke the show’s unlucky streak with a dazzling performance. Her dedication to rehearsals and ensuring her performance went well showed just how much she cared about her X Factor performance. However, she also faced additional pressure having to perform solo for the first time. This posed some challenges for the young performer.

With her loving grandma right by her side, Tamera Foster steps onto the stage, knowing that there is love and support following her through her audition. Her grandma even comments that she is likely more nervous than Tamera is! However, the nerves get the best of her as she begins her rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing”, and the song comes to a standstill as she forgets her words and freezes. After a brief respite with her family, she returns and delivers an exceptional performance.

The beginning of Tamera Foster’s performance was nail-biting, as we didn’t know if she would be able to continue! However, despite the nerves hitting her, she returned to the stage with more confidence and determination, allowing the judges to see her true talent. Her voice is incredible for someone so young and would have made Whitney Houston proud with her audition, which came with a little help from the judges mouthing some of the lyrics to her.

Whitney Houston is considered to be one of the greatest vocal musicians in history. Simply nicknamed “the Voice”, she sold a staggering 220 million records worldwide throughout her career and delivered live performances of her songs to venues all over the world for decades. She is best known for “I Will Always Love You”, but she also produced a plethora of widely popular R&B songs in her career, such as “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay” from her fourth studio album, My Love Is Your Love.

While Tamera Foster did not win The X Factor that year, she was instead eliminated in 5th place, she still experienced massive success from her time in the competition.

The year after her X Factor appearance, she was signed to Syco Music at the age of 17. She has steadily released music since then; her second EP, Lost In Translation, was released in November 2023 and was well-received.

Enjoy more from the incredibly talented Tamera Foster on her Twitter. Her dedication and natural talent shine through in every performance, making her one to watch.

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