Stan Taylor Ft Brother Stone & The Get Down Create A Soulful Bee Gees Cover

The highpoint of the the occasional collaborations between Los Angeles artists Stan Taylor and Brother Stone & The Get Down is their cover of The Bee Gees’ "How Deep Is Your Love?". This 2019 recording belies both acts' background as posters of cover songs on their respective Youtube channels. It could easily be by more mainstream performers.

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The melodic singing and harmonising of Stan Taylor and Stone Brother Matt Ranauldo, together with the jazz-inflected, in-the-pocket groove of the backing, and the moody black and white video, all contribute to the unforced charm of the Bee Gees' cover video. As one fan comments, stumbling on this video is "like finding a $20 bill in your pocket!"

Stan Taylor is the stage name of Stan Carrizosa Jr. He moved to LA in 2009 after he won the reality TV programme High School Musical: Get in the Picture. He soon realised that his passion is not acting or even musical theater, but singing and making music. Acting on this realisation, he has sort to establish an online presence, first with covers, then by adding some of his own compositions into the mix. His influences include Al Green, Billy Paul, Frankie Valli, Bill Withers and Stevie Wonder.

Brother Stone & The Get Down is a band started by first cousins Collin Monahan and Matt Ranaudo. They moved to LA from Connecticut in 2015, after an appearance on a radio show landed them a contract to make an E.P. In 2009 Matt Ranaudo was a contestant on The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart. The band continues to post on YouTube, and is pivoting towards more original compositions. A self-described Neo-Soul/Pop R&B group, it is not surprising that Brother Stone chose to cover the Bee Gees.

"How Deep Is Your Love?" was lead singer Barry Gibbs' favourite Bee Gees song. A soulful pop ballad, it was released as a single in 1977 and it featured on the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever. The song is number 22 on the Billboard All Time Top 100.

According to The Ultimate Biography of The Bee Gees (2011), Barry Gibbs was delighted when How Deep is your Love? reached number 3 in the UK early in 1978. He said, “With all the new wave and punk rock out, I would have thought something like How Deep Is Your Love wouldn’t have a chance”. He added that the Bee Gees had kept pushing forward, and that the group was getting stronger every day. Barry’s words would prove prophetic as the Bee Gees were about to achieve their greatest success, thanks to the Saturday Night Fever movie and soundtrack.

In 1983 The Bee Gees were sued for breach of copyright. Ronald Selle, a Chicago songwriter, claimed that How Deep Is Your Love? included “melodic material" from his track "Let It End". The jury sided with Selle, but the judge over-ruled it on grounds that Selle had not proved his case. Selle appealed, but the judgement was once again in favour of the Gibbs brothers.

The last word goes to the Beach Boy’s Brian Wilson. "I always liked the Bee Gees very much. How Deep Is Your Love? is… one that I think is really great… I turn the radio up a little bit when it comes on."

If you would like to see more from Stan Taylor you can subscribe to his YouTube channel or follow him on Instagram.

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