The Heartwarming Moment A Soldier Surprises Her Daughter At A Christmas Concert

It’s hard for parents to be away from their children anytime, but Christmas must be the hardest. That explains why a video showing a soldier surprising her daughter at a school Christmas concert has swept the internet.

The video shows a typical school concert held every Christmas in schools around the world. The choir is very talented, and it’s obvious they’ve rehearsed a lot for this moment. Their voices harmonise beautifully, and they are perfectly in sync.

When the video begins, they are singing Celebrate The Season, and it seems to be getting the audience into a festive mood. No one realises what an emotional performance it will turn out to be. When the song ends, the choir takes a well-deserved bow as a member of the teaching staff comes onstage.

She talks about Christmas traditions and how important it is to have her three children at home for the holidays. That’s when she drops the bombshell. She explains that one of the choir members has been without her mother for a long time, for over a year, because she has been serving in Africa.

The camera focuses on one girl’s face in the centre of the choir. Gradually comprehension dawns, followed quickly by shock. By the time Avery Hinton’s teacher tells her she has a present under the tree, tears are falling thick and fast down her face. She slips between the other students and runs across the stage into her mother’s arms.

It’s hard not to cry yourself as you see Avery cry while her mum hugs her for the first time in fourteen months. At that age, fourteen months must seem like a lifetime, and I’m sure her mum must mourn every part of her daughter’s life that she missed. All she can do is hold her close and soothe her, telling her it’s ok.

As well as being a dream Christmas for Avery, I’m sure this beautiful and touching moment reminded everyone there to be grateful for time with their families over Christmas. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to. Check out this wonderful, heartwarming video now, but it might be best if you get a hankie first!

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