Sofie Dossi Is All Grown Up And Comes Back For Second Golden Buzzer With Epic Contortion Act

The 14-year-old Sofie Dossi stunned judges with her wild contortion act on her first run on America’s Got Talent, going home with a golden buzzer. But now, the California girl is all grown up and at age 22, she decided she had unfinished business on the show. As part of Heidi Klum’s dream team on America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League earlier this year, Dossi was determined to show she’s still got it and to “make America proud.”

Upon her return to the show, Dossi showcased an intense stage presence, launching her act with a death-defying contortion performance in a ring of fire at a precarious height off the stage. She performed to Lloren’s smoldering cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstitious”, and then established herself as quite the femme fatale by shooting a flaming arrow through two targets with her feet.

Dossi’s act was all thunder and lightning, with a big production including jets of flame bursting around the stage. The audience was left stunned by her mesmerizing stage presence, and went wild at the big conclusion of her act. Klum looked like a proud big sister after the act, saying “We don’t even have to say anything – we just saw how amazing Sophie is!” Howie Mandel was reluctant to praise Klum’s team member, but admitted that “if tonight was my golden buzzer, I would use it on you.”

Mel B was a big fan, saying, “That looked very well-rehearsed and slick, well done!” Simon Cowell took a more personal angle, saying, “So I felt actually quite emotional Sophie, because I’m seeing you grow as an artist. To have the guts to come back and compete again against some of the best acts in the world, and actually get better? I have a feeling this might be your year.” Check out Dossi’s original audition at age 14 below.

Klum decided to make Cowell’s prediction come true, saying “And because timing is everything, and I don’t want anyone to kerfuffle this, I will give you this golden buzzer!” Suddenly, Dossi turned back into a little girl again as her eyes went wide and she squealed with excitement.

The golden buzzer sent Dossi straight to the finals, where she showcased a new act with a rotating wheel, which was even more technically impressive than before. In the end, she was eliminated before the cut was made for the top five. However, she has plenty to keep her busy after the show, as her YouTube channel has 9.5 million subscribers.

If you are impressed by the mesmerizing performances from the talented Sofie Dossi, you can subscribe to her YouTube Channel for more stunning performances. Don’t miss out on her behind-the-scenes life, follow her on Instagram and get to know her better.

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